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Dr. Andrea MacVicar is an exceptional motivational speaker. She has been sharing with groups for over forty years as a teacher, counselor, pastor, college president, writer and editor, columnist, speaker at conferences, and an author. Drawing on those experiences she applies her topics to today's situations in order to inspire her audience and participants by sharing how to enjoy life in our fast-paced and ever-changing world. The subjects range from, "The Best Is Yet To Be," "Today's World," "Memoirs," "Surviving Life," and many more. She has written extensively, and her recent books are: TALES OF ZOFTIC, about the adventures of a Black Labrador; SECRET OF THE LAUREL CROWN, an adventure-fantasy; IT'S ABOUT LOVE, a multi-layered, thought-provoking book with original works of art; and PIECES OF STAINED GLASS, which is Dr. Andrea's memoirs in poetry form. She has a Doctorate Degree in Psychology. 

When asked," What would you want as your epitaph? How would you like to be remembered?" 
She replied, "Andrea MacVicar, servant-friend."