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It's About Love Reviews


# Judge 31: Structure, Organization, and Pacing; Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar; Production Quality and Cover Design; Voice and Writing Style - "OUTSTANDING"

# Judge's 31 Commentary: 

"IT'S ABOUT LOVE: A LAYERED THOUGHT-PROVOKING VISUAL FOR THE HEART by Andrea MacVicar and Missy Pierce, Artist, is exactly what the title promises. In this day and age when love can seem to be in short supply in some quarters, this book is welcome and a joy to see and read. Great job! The front cover is lovely and immediately catches the eye. The back cover is thought-provoking. I hope all readers will visit the web address to view the list of charities. I wish the book had the title and author and illustrator credits. However, I can easily see this as a coffee table book, so that may not be as important, particularly since this book is oversized. For the text and pictures, though, the size is perfect! I love the sentiments expressed inside. The abstract pictures offer a lovely background, too. This book gives the reader much to think about and offers an overall enjoyable experience. I loved learning about the author and illustrator through photos and biographies. The spirit and thought behind this book are both timeless. Readers everywhere who find this volume will be glad they did. I hope this team plans to write many more books!"

"The book is great. We love it." Bob
"It's About Love is a beautiful book, spiritually and visually. Thank you for writing words that speak to me." Ingrid
"It’s About Love is a wonderful book that made me think about the meaning of love, the ways that I love others and what I can realistically expect for myself. Many truths and bits of wisdom lie within its pages." Lloyd
"I bought the book “It’s About Love” as a gift for my grandson and granddaughter-in-law as a housewarming gift for their new home. They along with my first great grandchild have just moved into Washington, DC. Perfect book for their coffee table! It is a beautifully illustrated book and who doesn’t love a book about love? The written content leaves you with a feeling of not only love but contentment and peace,. I started to wrap the book, but decided since the cover was so pretty that I would just tie a ribbon around the book. No paper needed and a perfect gift!" Doris
"I found the book to be bring out different emotions! The artwork and words touched my heart! Tears to my eyes, at times too! I would recommend your book to others too! Beautifully done!" Pam
"It's About Love" is just as the title IS about love. The happiness & sadness, the acceptance & rejection, the comfort of an old shirt, the feeling of a new one. Not only are the descriptions of love thought-provoking, but the art work in the book is absolutely beautiful. A lovely "coffee table" book to look at, read & ponder our own thoughts & feelings about love. I absolutely love it!” Emma
“Carol and I enjoyed the book.  My favorite passage is “love mends the heart”.  For me when I have gone through the loss of a loved one, I feel I am not alone because the pain I feel is softened and healed by the love and support of my friends, faith, and family.” Steve

“The illustrated book  It's All About Love is one that I have read over and over again since purchasing it.  The book     explores the concept of love from many angles from the concrete to the abstract.  The attributes of love are highlighted along with the unfolding of its effect on our lives.  The art work in the book adds visual imagination to the words letting your mind expand on the images.  One thing I adore about this book is it can be read from front to back or just one page from any part of the book.  I sometimes just pick a passage to think about and with the art work it is easy to get transported to a peaceful place.” Melanie

”The book “It’s About Love” instructs one’s mind, inspires one’s heart and renews one’s spirit. In words displaying both simplicity and beauty, each page presents a new and insightful view of what love can be and do.  Any reader will be stirred by the splendor of the stunning art, and the depth of love’s message.” The Rev.Dr.David L. Haun

“The book is a wonderful work of art, so peaceful and expressive. Each page provides a  devotional within itself. I am enjoying it completely, a page at a time to reflect on and appreciate. Thank you for sharing your insights.” Twylah

“Very proud and pleased to say that we have read and now own the book--it is a treasure!  Thank you!!!”Holly