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Secret of the Laurel Crown Reviews

"Andrea MacVicar's Secret of the Laurel Crown is a must read. It's a story that can be appreciated on many levels and by young and old. I really enjoyed how she develops her characters, how well she weaves a story and how beautifully she paints pictures with words. A film should be made of this book!" Ingrid
"I think that Secret of the Laurel Crown is awesome because it included supernatural things and what might happen in the future. I also loved the book because it includes animals and keeps you a little on edge on what might happen next." Trinity age 11.
"Secret of the Laurel Crown is a gripping story from beginning to end. It packs a powerful punch as the author's characters come to life with a message of hope and love as well as good triumphing over evil.It is an amazing book, targeted to young teens, but I loved it, and I'm a lot older than a teenager! Couldn't put it down!" Emma
"This book was an exciting read. The descriptions of the scenes were awesome. So colorful. And the characters are beautifully developed and you feel like you know them so well. It would be great to have a sequel to this book. Wonderful read!!!" Judi
"This is an amazing novel by a very gifted storyteller.You find yourself instantly swept up in this adventurous tale as if you've stepped into another world.A book that you can't easily put down... Well done Andrea!!" Diane
"Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed "Secret...." When I left to go up north for a family visit I picked it from my growing stack of unread books as airport reading. (Currently the only time I seem to have to indulge in such enjoyment).I was prompted to stay up my first night and finish to the end - and believe me I was tired. I am always amazed at the immagination it takes to construct not only a story line but in this case an alternative world. Thanks for the enjoyment!" Karen
THE EXAMINER, MAY 16TH, 2012 – Page 9
Secret of the Laurel Crown is an easy to read book, which will get your young adult hitting exciting ublications in no time. American author Andrea MacVicar has written this fantasy adventure novel for teen girls where they can be inspired by a strong youthful female protagonist who has set herself on an adventure after facing challenges in life. MacVicar’s vision in creating the right piece of fiction has seen her add the elements of danger, right versus wrong and young love. The story is about teen girl Carolyn and her brother Jimmy as they are transported into the strange world of the double suns where things aren’t as wonderful as they first appear. To save her brother, Carolyn must unlock the secret of the laurel crown.Once delving into the book, you’ll notice MacVicar’s influence from childhood books including Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings and A Wrinkle in Time. Only 198 pages long, Secret of the Laurel Crown appears to have been published in school reading format in that it’s a thin publication and in different size to book review Secrets of the Laurel Crown
by Andrea MacVicar
Review by
Kate Dzienis
“The Secret of the Laurel Crown, by Andrea MacVicar, is a creative journey into an alternate reality. When troubled teenager, Carolyn, dumps out the 500 pieces of the puzzle her grandmother bought for her at a garage sale, she finds a secret message that ultimately leads her and her brother to life-threatening adventures on the planet of the Double Suns. I found this tale imaginative and engaging. The young heroine, Carolyn, was a sympathetic character, and it was easy to cheer her on. The fantasy aspects of the story drew me right in, and I found them a departure from many of the more expected fantasy elements, which I enjoyed. The experience reminded me a little of reading Madeline L'Engle as a young woman. While I think the book is more accurately targeted to a young adult readership, I loved it! It was a welcome change from the typical fare and left me musing on some of its deeper concepts. There was much that was cleverly executed and the action and good characterization keeps the reader engaged. I'm glad the author sent me a review copy." Paula, author, speaker